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I love love. I love everything about love. I tell people I love them all the time, but I’ll be honest: it can get a little weird at times.

Not everyone is so open and receptive to me just blurting out, “Hey, I love you!”

So, I realized there are many different ways to say I love you without being a lunatic like Iva. Let’s dive right in!

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100 Different Ways to Say I Love You

  1. Text me when you get there.
  2. Are you ok today?
  3. Bring an umbrella.
  4. You look beautiful today.
  5. You make me feel happy.
  6. I’m happy you’re here.
  7. I’m glad you’re my friend.
  8. I have faith in you.
  9. I know you can do this!
  10. I’m thinking of you.
  11. Can I bring you something?
  12. Be safe.
  13. Drive safe.
  14. Have a safe journey.
  15. Can I make you lunch/breakfast/dinner/a snack?
  16. I’m so proud of you.
  17. Can I give you a hug?
  18. Do you want to come with me?
  19. Text me when you get home.
  20. Want to watch a movie with me?
  21. Do you need to talk?
  22. I’m here if you need me.
  23. Can I bring you something?
  24. Do you need a ride?
  25. Did you have a good day today?
  26. You mean the world to me.
  27. I am nothing without you.
  28. You’re my love muffin.
  29. I love the way you smell.
  30. You look so handsome.
  31. I love how you always take care of yourself.
  32. Let’s watch the sunset together.
  33. Let’s watch the sunrise together.
  34. You inspire me.
  35. I’m your #1 fan!
  36. I hope you have a great day!
  37. I knew you would like this.
  38. I was thinking about you today.
  39. I will always support you.
  40. You have the best smile.
  41. You give such nice hugs.
  42. I love the way you kiss me.
  43. I love how you hold me.
  44. You are so thoughtful.
  45. When I listen to this song, I think of you.
  46. Can you stay a little longer?
  47. Can I come with you?
  48. I tucked a note in your pocket.
  49. I care about you so much.
  50. Let’s do something together.
  51. You always make me laugh.
  52. You brighten my day.
  53. I love how you know exactly how to cheer me up.
  54. I bought you a surprise!
  55. This has your name written all over it.
  56. You’re my everything.
  57. I can’t imagine life without you.
  58. Come on over!
  59. I think you’re amazing.
  60. I know you can do this!
  61. I miss your face.
  62. I miss hearing your voice.
  63. I dreamt about you last night.
  64. Don’t forget to bring a jacket.
  65. I think about you often.
  66. You feel like home.
  67. I saved this for you.
  68. I hope you like it.
  69. Text me when you land.
  70. Is there any way I can help you?
  71. I made you coffee.
  72. I miss you.
  73. You deserve the best.
  74. Did you eat yet today?
  75. I told my friends about you.
  76. What would I do without you?
  77. You’re my favourite human.
  78. Did you sleep well last night?
  79. I’ll wait for you.
  80. You can always count on me to be there for you.
  81. You bring out the best in me.
  82. I value our relationship.
  83. Want me to rub your back?
  84. I’ll get the bath ready for you.
  85. I saved you a piece of cake/pie.
  86. You fill my heart with joy.
  87. Sweet dreams.
  88. I’d love to hear more.
  89. I booked a massage for you.
  90. Sending good night texts.
  91. Sending good morning texts.
  92. Sending middle of the day ‘how are you/I’m thinking of you’ texts.
  93. Sending flowers for no reason.
  94. You complete me.
  95. You’re so special to me.
  96. I’ve never felt like this before.
  97. I only have eyes for you.
  98. My friends and family just adore you.
  99. I have so much respect for you.
  100. I’m glad I found you.

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Other Ways to Say I Love You

I hope you enjoyed this article. Are there other ways to say I love you without actually saying it? Drop down in the comments below and share your ways too!

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Iva is a 60-something woman, originally from Northern Ontario, Canada, who now resides in sunny Guatemala. She helps women over 50 love the skin they're in and empowers them to live their best lives ever. When she's not blogging, she's out on her scooter feeding and rescuing street dogs.  

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