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“Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.” I love this quote on worry. It really puts it into perspective. So many of us spend most of our lives worrying about things that never happen. Today, we’re going to discuss how to stop worrying, and I’ll share 13 tips with you that will help.

Stick around til the end, where I also share some stop worrying quotes that will help you too!

it’s fairly common to worry about things

Many of us worry about the future, our jobs, how we’re going to pay bills, our children, and so much more. All worry is the fear of the future, really. We don’t know what will happen, how a person will react, what will come next. It’s about not having control over lives or the future.

We all want full control of our lives, but the reality is that’s impossible. You can’t, and no one can.

Let’s face it: We worry about a lot of things all the time. In fact, worry is the most common emotion we feel besides fear. But if worry seems to have taken over your life, then it’s time you get a grip on that and learn how to stop worrying so you can enjoy life and have some inner peace and calmness.

Here’s a great article from Mental that puts a lot into perspective.

how to stop worrying about the future

We all do this. What’s our future going to be like? When will I die? Are my kids going to be ok? We have so many questions about our future, and we all want answers. So much so that we actually worry ourselves sick about the future.

Here’s a neat little tip for you on how to stop worrying about the future.

Next time you think about something in the future and start worrying about it, remind yourself that no one knows the future; whatever happens happens, and you will be strong enough to handle whatever life throws at you.

We are not in control, and we can’t manipulate the future either. Let go and have faith that the Universe knows what it’s doing.

What causes excessive worrying?

This is a loaded question, and there is no short answer. A tragic event or past trauma can trigger worry. Painful situations can also trigger worry.

Many people who suffer from mental health issues are also prone to worry a lot. There are just so many factors that play a part in why we worry so much.

How do I stop constant worrying?

There is a 333 rule for anxiety which is very effective. It works like this:

Next time you have a worrisome thought or feel anxiety coming over you, name three things you can see, three you can hear, and move three different body parts. The theory behind this is that it helps you focus on the present and keeps you grounded in the moment.

You can learn more about this technique here.

I thought it was time to write an article on how to stop worrying in hopes that it might help at least one of you, worrywarts. If you know someone who worries too much about everything, please hit any of the share buttons!

Let’s get to it.

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How to stop worrying – 13 tips

Here are 13 great tips on how to stop worrying. I sincerely hope they help you, even just a little.

1 Reduce Caffeine

Caffeine is known to cause an increase in heart rate and can trigger anxiety and nervousness. Next time you have a cup of coffee, notice how you feel. Chances are, you feel slightly more agitated or anxious.

It’s okay to have one cup of coffee in the morning, but switch it up in the afternoon to something caffeine-free and monitor how you feel afterward.

2 Eliminate Sugar

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – sugar is the devil. Our bodies are not made to consume sugar, nor do they need it. If you think you may have a sugar addiction, this article will help you break it.

Sugar causes an increase in excitability followed by a severe sugar crash. That’s your body saying, “Please don’t give us this poison anymore.” Next time you have a sugar craving, snack on some fruit.

3 Deep Breathing Exercises

Next time you feel a wave of anxiety or worry coming over you, stop yourself and try some deep breathing exercises. These are a great way to distract your thoughts and calm your mind.

Sit somewhere quietly and just focus on your breath. Let your thoughts come and go but don’t attach yourself to them.

4 Practice Daily Self-care

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, yet so many of us neglect it. It’s important to take care of your mental health so that you can find some inner peace and joy in life.

Start doing more things that bring you joy and help take your mind off your worries and problems. Activities such as gardening, painting, or even something simple like petting a dog or cat work wonders and are great self-care.

5 Reduce Clutter in Your Space

Clutter is toxic negative energy that can cause stress and wreak havoc on your mental state too. Take a look around your space and find the energy vampires. While decluttering can be a tad overwhelming, you’ll feel a million times better once it’s done.

You can start slowly by setting a timer and going into one room. Then, look at the clutter to see what can stay and what needs to go. Call a supportive friend to help you.

6 Journal Your Thoughts

Journaling is very therapeutic. It can help you put your thoughts into words on paper and release them from your mind, which in turn eliminates stress, worry, and anxiety.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, grab a journal and a pen and write down your feelings. You can also write a gratitude journal to remind yourself of all the good things in your life. This, too, will calm your anxiety.

7 Talk to a Friend

Share your concerns and worries with a trusted friend for some extra support. They can often help clear your mind and take your worries away.

Keeping all these emotions bottled up never helps anyone. It’s good to bounce them off someone else and get a different perspective on the situation.

8 Go For a Walk

They say fresh air is the best medicine, and it’s true. Getting outside, breathing in some fresh air, and taking in the sights around you is a great way to clear your mind.

Put on your walking shoes, grab a water bottle, and maybe even your dog, and go walk off your worries and anxieties.

9 Take a Mini Road Trip

There’s nothing like the open road and some great tunes blaring to take your mind off your worries. If you have the opportunity to do so, do it.

Fun tip: Stop at a roadside cafe and strike up a conversation with a stranger! Meeting new people and talking about random stuff is a great distraction.

10 Change Your Diet

This probably should have been first. You are what you eat, and what you eat affects not only your physical health but also your mental health. If you find yourself eating a lot of processed foods or high-carb foods (pizza, cookies, donuts, burgers, etc.), it might be time to overhaul your diet.

Start slowly and make small little changes. Look into other healthy diets and make a plan to get started.

11 Speak to a Professional

There’s nothing wrong with getting professional help, especially if your worries are completely consuming your life. They can help teach you how to stop worrying and give you tools for when anxiety arises.

If this is not in your budget, there are plenty of free helplines on the internet. A quick Google search will bring up some numbers for you to call.

12 Mirror Self-talk

This technique works 100% for me. I do it all the time. Whenever I start worrying about something or have fears or anxiety, I go to my mirror, look deep into my eyes, and remind myself that everything is going to be okay.

I don’t have the answers to my questions or concerns, but just talking to myself seems to calm me down. I know things always work out the way they’re supposed to, and that might not be the way I want them to, but that’s ok.

13 Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is a fantastic way to not only distract yourself and your toxic thoughts but also to maintain your physical and mental health. Even 15 minutes a day is enough.

You can try yoga, daily brisk walks, bodyweight training, or strength training. Every little bit helps.

how to stop worrying quotes

I told you earlier that I would share some stop worrying quotes with you, so here are a few of my favourites.

If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry, it will change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry, it will change.

John A. Simone

The day you stop worrying will be the first day of your new life.


How something ends up never depends on how much you worry about it.


Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.

Corrie Ten Boom

Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose

Eckhart Tolle

Final Thoughts on How to Stop Worrying

I hope this article on how to stop worrying helped you even just a little bit. Worrying is such a waste of time. Time that could otherwise be well spent on activities and thoughts that bring you joy. Not misery.

I want to close this with a little prayer to stop worrying for those of you who do like to pray:

Dear Lord, Your Word says that I should not worry about tomorrow because today has enough trouble of its own. It also says that I can’t add one day to my life by worrying. You take care of the birds of the field; you will take care of me.


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